• Broken shafts replaced, reshaft iron \wood in steel from £12.00, for graphite from £20.00 this price includes a new shaft, grip extra
  • Clubs lengthened and shortened £5.00 (includes extender)
  • Loose club heads refitted from £4.00
  • Regrips, can be as little as £4.00 per club.
  • Loft and Lie adjustments
  • Swingweighting
Damaged your clubs ?
We can re-shaft your Callaway, Titleist, Taylor Made or any other make properly, quickly and at a low cost.
Loft and Lie adjustments, make sure your clubs are at the correct spec for you. Your off the shelf clubs may need adjusted to fit you.
This could make a huge difference to your game!

If you have played your clubs for a few years they may be out of spec, checking is free so just ask

Swingweighting, if you think your clubs feel too heavy or light why not come in and have the swingweight checked. it's free and can make a big difference if you are playing with a mismatched set
Shaft broken at the hosel? no problem, just bring it in and we can fit any shaft of your choice.